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JJC – FX Series Flash Multiplier for telephoto or zoom lenses 580EX, 580EX II

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The FX Series Flash Multiplier designed by JJC is for use with telephoto lenses of 300mm or longer.

It is excellent for photography on wildlife, birding, wedding, evening party, portraits and more. The Flash Multiplier increases the flash output by about 2 to 4 f/stops and allows you to shoot at greater distances and shoot with smaller apertures. It also reduces the drain on battery power. The lens is lightweight and durable. It focuses and concentrates the output of the flash into a narrow beam, thus increasing your flash range. With four surfaces connected together and the reflective lining, the collapsible black box helps focus and enhance luminous beam and prevents light from leaking undesirably. Besides, the lens is held in place with no sagging or flopping, which ensures the best results and makes it easy to use. Just replace the flash adapter ring, and you can use the flash multiplier on much more other models of flashes. This is not only convenient, but also saves you much cost. The unit is also simple and quick to set up and remove. After folding it flat, you can store it in the supplied case. Furthermore, the unit is light in weight, making it convenient to carry. JJC FX Series Flash Multiplier will help you get more creative effects when you capture pictures.






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