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JJC – Wireless Remote Control for Fuji X-series RR90

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JJC JM-R Wireless Remote Shutter Release adds flexibility and versatility to your shooting style.

JM-R operates with radio frequency (RF) technology, therefore a direct line of sight is unnecessary; radio waves pass through objects such as windows and walls. It is unlike other wireless remotes on the market that operate on an Infrared (IR) system and require a direct line of sight between transmitter and receiver to make things work. Since touching the camera even lightly when capturing an image can create a blurred image, the JM-R eliminates this by triggering the shutter without any disturbances. This is critical when photographing subjects close up, and for long-exposures and macros. It is also extremely valuable when photographing nature, wildlife and other subjects that are difficult for you to get close to.

The receiver will be attached to the hot shoe of the camera and will be connected to the remote socket of the camera. The receiver has it’s own shutter button, so that it can be used separatedly as a remote cord. The shutter button of the transmitter and as well as the one of the receiver have two pressure points. First pressure point means focussing, second one means triggering.

The package contains:

Transmitter, receiver, connecting cord (20cm), batteries, manual english


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