Kase – K100 High-end Level Kit Holder K9

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Il kit K100 high-end della Kase con holder K9 ha al suo interno i filtri che servono al fotografo esigente. Con il nuovo holder K9 si potranno utilizzare i filtri in modo più pratico e veloce. Grazie al nuovo polarizzatore magnetico da 90 mm i problemi di vignettatura saranno ridotti al minimo

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The K100 high-end Kase kit with K9 holder contains the filters that serve the demanding photographer. With the new K9 holder you can use the filters in a more practical and faster way. Thanks to the new 90 mm magnetic polarizer, vignetting problems will be minimized

The kit has an easy and safe assembly thanks to the numerous adapters included in the box.

The high-end kit includes:

  • holder K9
  • 90 mm polarizing filter
  • ND 64 100*100
  • GND8 soft 100*150
  • GND8 soft 100*150 reverse
  • 3 1.1 mm slots
  • 2 slots fitted with 2 mm plus additional slot (possibility to request more when ordering)
  • adapters 82/86 – 77/86 – 67/82 – 72/82
  • soft bag

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