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TTL 316C Wilreless Flash Trigger for Canon

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TTL-316C not only can remote control any brand of speedlite,studio flash and wireless studio flash with high speed sync speed by Canon camera.

But also can remote control the speedlites parameters within each group through the camera menu. Such as through camera remote control the flash mode (TTL, E – TTL,M, Multi-flash). Also can support all functions within the camera itself menu(Flash mode,1st & 2nd curtain shutter sync,Hi-speed shutter sync,Flash exposure compensation mode etc.).

Hi-speed flash mode

TTL-316C supports different kinds of flash with 1/8000s Hi-speed sync and flash group control setting by camera menu.

Wireless control mode
1) Can wireless control Canon brand and Compatible with the Canon brand speedlites;
2) Can wireless control the speedlite flash mode(TTL, E – TTL,M, Multi-flash times and frequency,).
3) Can change the flash groups by camera menu freely,such as A+B,A+B+C etc,
4) Can remote control the speedlite parameters ,Such as through camera remote control the speedlite output power and the output power ratio between group A and B(8:1,4:1,2:1 etc…),can wireless control flash exposure compensation(±3),can change the flash zoom and make AEB flash.

Support multiple shutter sync mode

TTL -316C can support all the camera shutter sync mode, not just only 1/8000s Hi-speed sync;
1) 1/8000s Hi-speed sync;
2) 1st curtain sync;
3) 2nd curtain sync;
4) Multi-flash with slow shutter sync,can take creative photos.

 Mix flash control mode

 TTL-316C can also support mix flash, when the transmitter channel light keep lighting,
can control A \ B \ C three different lights flash on receivers in different modes.For example,
when start a creative shooting,group A set as manual 1/64 outputs,group B set as E-TTL auto
exposure flash, group C set as full power 1/1 exposure flash.

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Disponibile in 2/3 giorni - Availability 2/3 working days