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Voeloon Transceiver Canon 2.4 ghz kit 2 pieces

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A new wireless remote, the Voeloon 810-RT, promises to build all the features a flash photographer needs into one device.

The 2.4GHz radio can transmit or receive TTL signals to trigger your lights in auto mode, or give precise manual adjustment without leaving the camera position. You can also mix Canon E-TTL and manual flashes in different groups. It even claims to work at ranges up to 250 metres. There is an autofocus-assist lamp built into the front, to help keep photos sharp in low-light conditions.

810RT Highlights:
1)     Dot matrix LCD screen;
2)     USB upgrade & PC port;
3)     Have 31 wireless channels;
4)     Max Remote distance: 100M;
5)     Max HSS: 1/8000S, Min HSS: 1/250S;
6)     2.4G Flash Transceiver(Trigger & Receiver);
7)     Flash Mode: I-TTL/E-TTL II, Manual, Super Sync;
8)     Can individually set A/B/C flash focus, output, exposure compensation;
9)  Can do HSS with any speedlight at max 1/8000S, even if the speedlight itself can not provide HSS.


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Disponibile in 2/3 giorni - Availability 2/3 working days