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VSGO – DKL-5S Camera Lens Cleaning Mini Kit

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This VSGO DKL-5S is composed by: Lens cleaner liquid, Lens cleaning cloth, Cleaning brush and an air blower.


This VSGO DKL-5S is composed by:
– Lens cleaner liquid: suitable for cleaning all kinds of optical lens. Can’t drop the liquid on the surface of camera lens directly but wet the cloth first. Gel-like, Odourless, Colorless, without pigment and essence.  Efficiently remove stubborn stains.
– Lens cleaning cloth: Apply to clean camera lens and LCD screen. Adopting microfiber as material which is much thinner to fit optical component surface. Wedge-shaped microfiber that can safely and efficiently clean up tiny dusts, stubborn stains, fingerprints and oil stains. No static occur during wiping.
– Cleaning brush: Portable, anti-static, super soft. Effectively sweep off dusts in camera seam. High grade wool material is soft and fine.
– Air blower: Small but powerful. Adopting high grade nature rubber, very flexible. Can easily blow away dusts and powder.

Package Content:
– 1x Lens cleaner liquid 30ml
– 2x Microfiber lens cleaning cloth(white) 15x15cm
– 1x Cleaning brush
– 1x Mini air blower

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